Get To Know Me

As a result of my desire to learn logo design wayback 2014, I self-directed myself as a Professional Customer-Focused Logo Designer. I placed 500th out of over 400,000 designers on the online platform DesignCrowd last 2017. A high point in my online logo design contest career occurred when my account was deactivated due to a false report on my designs. But despite what happened, I never stopped believing in the talent and skills that God has given me. I have a great passion for logo design and am constantly creating new designs from scratch. I found a way to get back on track by establishing an online community in January 2020 where I could display my work as well as educate and assist entrepreneurs in developing a design that fits their brand identity.

I began to help Filipino business owners create a distinctive and strategic logo design that reflects the image of their brands after noticing that many Philippine brands lacked a businesslike logo. I strongly believe that a customer-focused logo design has impact in various aspects of a brand’s presence, and it must be meticulously crafted and guided by the principles of good logo design. I strictly adhere to Sagi Haviv's hallmark of a good logo.

"A good logo needs to be three things: appropriate, distinct and memorable, and simple" -- Sagi Haviv

I developed a structured approach to best serve my clients and create professional and customer-focused logos that fit the brand's visual identity based on my experiences having worked with and designed logos for various foreign and local entrepreneurs.

In order to provide the most efficient service to my clients, I follow a structured strategy to work with and design logos for various international and local businesses. I place a great deal of importance on producing high-quality logo designs. By using the logo design process and approach I developed, I am able to provide brands with a professional and strategic logo that fits their visual identity and speaks to their target audience.

My Brand Essence

In every industry, I design logos strategically. Each project is approached by me from the ground up. My goal is to establish a professional, patent, and persistent visual identity for your business.

My Creative Future

I strive to establish myself as a premium and premier provider of logo and visual identity design in today's highly competitive global market.


As a professional, I strive to create simple, memorable, unique, timeless, and appropriate designs to help brands and products stand out. I engage in more than just creativity; I also conduct business research, analysis, and problem solving. I combine my creativity with knowledge of businesses to create logo ideas that function in the real world.

Careful and Consistent

In designing a project, I ensure that no detail is overlooked. As soon as I finish, I recheck and reevaluate my designs, but not just once. By doing this, I will be able to produce a high-quality visual design. My client can access a completed project once it's free of errors and readily available for use.

What I Believe In

Communication and Collaboration

To build brand visuals, I work tirelessly to ensure that the visions of my clients and my design are in alignment. I easily manage it from brainstorming to development and rollout through communication and collaboration.

Clarity and Success

My understanding of what drives your customers and how these overlap with your business goals enables me to create a visual that champions your brand. Our roadmap to success will be built together.


As a logo designer, I am invited to different seminars, workshops, and podcasts to share my knowledge and experience.

Main Industries I Have Worked In

While I can work on logo designs in different industries using my S.H.A.P.E design process, I mostly work on my top three industries.

white and brown concrete building under blue sky during daytime
white and brown concrete building under blue sky during daytime
clear drinking glass on table
clear drinking glass on table
photo of blue crew-neck tops
photo of blue crew-neck tops

Real Estate/Construction Industry

Hospitality Industry

Fashion Industry

You Get More Business With Customer-Focused Logo Design.

I am committed to helping brand owners create customer-focused logos and visual identities that appeal to their target market using my S.H.A.P.E design process.