Pinoy Autozone

I redesigned a new logo & visual identity for Pinoy Autozone Car Accessories. Your one-stop shop for your car accessory needs. They ship nationwide on a Cash-on-Delivery Basis or Express Padala.

The chosen concept during the sketching process using a dotted notebook, Staedtler Mars Lumograph black pencil (HB and 4B), and a circular ruler.
Converting from sketching to vector using Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 on gridlines.
Customize font for AUTOZONE which complements the logo icon/symbol/mark and gives a more strong personality.
The balancing of text and logo icon/symbol/mark is based on the gridline.
Colored version on white background.
Colored version on black background.
Logotype/brand name only in black background and monochrome version.
Social media Facebook page mockup for presentation purposes only.

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