High Rise

I designed a new logo & visual identity for a new business, High Rise Café & Bistro. It is a rooftop café with an overlooking view of Mt. Kanlaon from the east side and the Guimaras Strait from the west side. Basically, the name’s driven from where it is located, which is in an elevated area. It offers a variety of drinks (bubble tea, iced and hot drinks) and short orders, which are sold at an affordable price.

The chosen design during the sketching process using a dotted notebook, and uni KURU TOGA 0.5 HB.
Converting from sketching to a vector using Adobe Illustrator CC 2020.
The balancing of text and logo icon/symbol/mark is based on the gridline.
Black and white version. The logo design needs to be good in black and white.
Colored version.
Monochrome version.
This mockup is for presentation purposes only.
This mockup is for presentation purposes only.

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